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We help people live life at full potential

Our ultimate goal is to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy, not merely alleviating symptoms.  We strive to help you overcome whatever has been holding you back from work, spending time with family, exercising, engaging in hobbies, travel, or simply being the person you want to be.  When your spine and nervous system are healthy, you are able to be the best YOU possible!

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Dr. Katherine McCarty D.C.

Dr. Katherine McCarty has partnered with Life Chiropractic since 2019, adjusting families and providing comprehensive chiropractic care to pregnant women, children, athletes, and those concerned with posture.

She focuses on care management for the individual, correcting vertebral subluxations, and supporting an individual's understanding of their health and lifestyle.

Her passion in Chiropractic is that everyone understands how their body can overcome the common ailments of pain, immobility, and decreased function of their hormones, organs, and immunity by looking to the spine, and understanding our inherent ability to heal.

Dr. McCarty’s career started when she obtained her doctorate in 2014 from Life University Chiropractic College in Georgia. In 2017 she launched her own house call practice and small business in San Francisco, soon after joining with Life Chiropractic SF.

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Dr. Austin Davis D.C.

Founded Life Chiropractic SF in 2011.

He created an incredible community office by serving San Francisco for over a decade, and continues to expand his practice to reach more individuals with quality, focused chiropractic care.


Voted Best of the Bay 2016 and 2017

Every year readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian vote on the Best of the Bay. Dr. Austin has been chosen as the best doctor in the Bay 2 years running. 

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